What is Treibball?

At it’s most basic treibball is a dog sport that involves a dog pushing/herding a ball to a goal. The sport originated in Germany around 2003 and was sanctioned as a sport in 2008 [1]. American Treibball Association established the rules for “American” Treibball in 2010 [2].

American Treibball Association’s basic game involves the dog pushing 8 balls to the handler in the goal within 7 minutes. The distance between the balls and the goal depends the level of competition [3].

As treibball grows the definition has expanded beyond the basic game. World Treibball League challenges players to complete patterns involving targeting and pushing in each mat. National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts is releasing a new game based on pushing balls in number orders. Anyone can apply the basic skills of treibball to whatever game they want to play.