What equipment do I need to get started?
You can start learning basic skills using any object. A basket, cone or garbage can are great as long as your dog can see over them. Once you are ready to start learning pushing you’ll need a fitness ball that’s the right size for your dog. ATA has a guide to selecting the right size based on shoulder height. Amazon, Walmart and Target are good sources for inexpensive balls. Mats also come in handy for targeting. Placemats, frisbees, and silicon potholders make good mats.

How can I find a class or trainer who teaches treibball?
American Treibball Association has a trainer certification program. You can find a list on their website. National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts provides a courtesy listing of trainers who are members on their website.

What kind of space do I need for treibball?
You can start training for treibball in your home. You just need to have a few feet between you and your dog and your ball or object. For sanctioned games it depends on the dog size and level. Most fields are a minimum of 35’x50′. However if you are just playing for fun there are no requirements. You can set this up in your garage, backyard, or any place with a little space.

Do I need a herding dog to play treibball?
Treibball is a game for all dogs. Herding breeds may have some advantages in learning the game but any dog can learn to play and succeed.

How do you pronounce treibball?
It’s pronounced try-ball.