Herding Commands

You can use any voice or hand commands you like for treibball, but it’s common for many handlers to use traditional herding commands. Here’s a few that you may want to try out:

come bye – around the ball clockwise. Hint: remember the “c” in come by is for clockwise

away or away to me – around the ball counter or anti clockwise. Hint: remember the “a” in away is for anticlockwise.

get back or get out – sends the dog further out or to a ball further away from the handler

lie down – dog stops. Laying down is not required.

walk on – move in a straight line to the next ball

that’ll do – work is done and dog returns to handler

Here’s an example of some of these commands in action with sheep. Just note that when he talks about left and right he’s talking about the dog’s left and right.

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